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So many people feel helpless when they encounter someone with addictions and destructive behaviors. The When You Are Ready Campaign is designed to provide the community with resources to prevent drug overdose and connect individuals to treatment.

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Tonja and Darren Myles
Set Free Indeed Ministry Founders

We're Here For You

When You Are Ready BR is an outreach of the Set Free Indeed Ministry. For the past 25 years, Set Free Indeed has provided support and resources to individuals and families seeking treatment and recovery services. We work with area providers and service organizations who offer services and support to people in need, including peer support and recovery programs. We promote spaces of healing and trauma in-formed training to help individuals and families suffering from addiction receive resources to a path of recovery.

Awareness is the first step in combating this crisis. Together, we can improve the lives of those in need right here in Baton Rouge.

The When You Are Ready Campaign Will:

  • Provide push cards, Flyers, and Door hangers for First Responders, Law Enforcements and other organizations with local community resources to hand out when they encounter someone with Opioid and or any other addictions.

  • Ride or die program. Uber and Lyft those who find a bed in a detox or treatment program a ride to treatment. Make the call, secure a bed, and call us for a ride straight to detox or treatment.

  • Provide a 5 minute “How To”  training video on how to use resource cards for agencies such as non-profits, first responders, law enforcement and Faith-Based Organizations who come in contact with individuals and their families who struggle with addiction

  • Conduct Sober Saturday events in Hot Spots where overdoses occur according to the data.

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Give today and help us make a difference

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